Boat Identifiers

Walking the dock has become a study in subtleties for the editors of Good Old Boat. Good old boats are everywhere, and we know 'em when we see 'em. But who was the manufacturer? Sometimes they still have a name decal or plate that's visible from the finger pier. But sometimes we wind up studying the cove stripe detail for clues. Our own C&C 30 and other C&Cs have a clearly identifiable stripe. We began to wonder if other manufacturers were similarly consistent with their cove patterns. (Answer: it depends. Some were and some weren't.)

In this section we're posting cove stripes (some we're sure about and some on mystery boats that we're hoping you'll identify for us). Please add to this collection. We'll be doing the same thing as time goes on. Perhaps with your help we'll create a useful tool for other dockwalkers. We're all in this together, as we are frequently reminded.

Sail Insignia - Another useful identification tool is the sail logo. We list these in owners' associations, or you can download a free reference book in PDF format from

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