Resources For Sailors

Sailing Classifieds

A national listing of boats for sale. Includes links to other sites with classified ads and sites with boat reviews. Check our collection of boat review articles in PDF format on Read More ›

Fixer-Upper Sailboats

A national listing of good old boats in various states of repair, for sale (and some for FREE).Read More ›

Book Reviews

Read More ›

Consignment Stores

Our list of consignment stores and other sources of used gear.Read More ›

Owners' Associations

An alphabetical listing of associations of boatowners and how to reach them. Approximately 1,300 listings. Or browse the list. Read More ›

Suppliers Directory

A database of nationwide suppliers of parts and services for good old boats. Searchable by name, part, or location. More than 6,000 listings. Or browse the list. Read More ›

Boat Identifiers

Who was the manufacturer? Sometimes they still have a name decal or plate which is visible from the finger pier. But sometimes we wind up studying the cove stripe detail for clues.Read More ›



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