What People are Saying about Good Old Boat

As a Good Old Boat advertiser with a new product offering, I have spent and miss-spent more on advertising than on any other line item in this venture. I first introduced the PowerTiller in Good Old Boat with simple and affordable display ads and a supplemental classified ad. I wanted to make three impressions in a short space of time, so I decided to do it in a single publication. It worked. The response I received from these ads was very encouraging. It paid for the advertising from the very first issue. I was pleased.

Subsequent to that success, I purchased advertising in several large mainstream sailing magazines. I was astounded at the poor response and dismayed at the expense. While justifying their high prices by claiming 15 times the distribution of Good Old Boat, the same ads produced fewer than one-fourth the leads my Good Old Boat ads had and virtually NO sales. It cost me dearly.

In short, nothing in print publishing has paid off for PowerTiller like the advertising dollars I’ve spent with Good Old Boat.

To others considering advertising in Good Old Boat, I offer this — Good Old Boat readers are unique — They HAVE and USE their sailboats. They CONSUME sailing-related items. Good Old Boat readers will SEE and READ your ad. If they are looking for, or inspired by, your product, they will respond to your Good Old Boat ad.
Bill LaJoie

By the way, your magazine is a great source for advertisers … I have just bought two products because I saw them and read about them in your magazine … just viewing the ad in your magazine lent a lot of credibility to the product.
via email – RB, Maine

Good Old Boat is an enjoyable read, so please don’t get distracted and go off course or get too far from what you started with. There’s enough unaffordable gloss and fluff out there. Stay true.
Jim Kimbler, Minnesota

Great article on the Walker Bay dinghy. I went right out and bought one on the strength of the review. I love it.”
Ron Chappell, Colorado

By the way, we receive a steady stream of orders from Good Old Boat readers.
longtime advertiser Bill Rickman
American Rope & Tar

I have sailed since I was 12, some 52 years ago. I used to read pieces of Sail magazine and pieces of Cruising World. By contrast, I am now reading Good Old Boat from cover to cover. Heck, I am even pouring through the ads.”
via email – MM, California

Advertising in Good Old Boat is the best thing I ever did.
John Featherman
Featherman Enterprises

Next, I wanted to buy a magazine for sailors. I looked at many, but when I read yours, I just had to subscribe. Good Old Boat was written for people just like us.
Alan Hoelzle, North Carolina

I’ve thanked you before for launching Good Old Boat, but I realized recently that it has, for me, become required reading. I learn solid useful stuff in every issue. It is as valuable as the charts themselves. I suspect it’s because Good Old Boat is crafted for the readers, rather than the advertisers, and luckily for us, the advertisers you do attract are just the right bunch. You have my sincere appreciation.
Frederick Corey, Massachusetts

I relish every issue you publish. Keep up the excellent effort.
Richard LaPalme, North Carolina

You wrote about the Atomic 4 engine and Don Moyer, so Sharon and I attended one of his seminars in Maryland. We also purchased a new CDI propeller, designed for our engine. That alone is worth the price of the subscription.”
Carl Steinwall, Minnesota

Good Old Boat is the real world and the most informative and interesting magazine I’ve seen. I’m glad I found you. The others are nice to look at. Good Old Boat is the one I read from cover to cover.
Stephen Weinstein, New York

By the way, I love your magazine, and I am starting to wonder why I subscribe to anything else!
Pablo Gazmuri, Massachusetts